The core of Dominican life is summed up very neatly by the Order’s fundamental Constitution which declares: ‘The Order of Friars Preachers, founded by St. Dominic, is known to have been established, from the beginning, for preaching and the salvation of souls specifically’. The Constitution continues:  ‘Sharing the Apostle’s  mission, we also follow their way  of life, in the form  devised by St. Dominic’.

Dominican life at its best, then, is entirely orientated towards the proclamation of the Gospel in words, deeds, or simply how we live together as brothers. To this end, we speak of four ‘pillars’ which offer a kind of superstructure to our life. These are:  prayer, a common religious life, study, and mission. Whilst it is true that a particular friar may tend to one or other of these pillars according to his temperament and gifts, the aim is to integrate all four into a fruitful and generative religious life that is a sign of Christ’s presence in the world and a sign of His Kingdom.

Dominican life is therefore both contemplative and active. The shape of our life continuously draws us back to Christ in the Sacraments  and in the Scriptures so that we might  share with others what we  ourselves have received.  Dominican friars are called to be prayerful, pastoral, and reflective preachers of Truth.

If you would like to know more about Dominican life  and about the Dominican vocation, please  contact our Vocations Promoter at vocations.director[at]  or visit the vocations page on the English Dominican Province website which has further information. A vocations video for the Dominican friars of the Province of England can be seen by clicking here

Prayer for Dominican Vocations 

 Heavenly Father,

as once you called St Dominic

to preach the Gospel,

so now call new preachers

to work in your vineyard.

 Fill them with your Holy Spirit,

with truth, and with zeal for souls,

that they too may be sent out

as bold but compassionate apostles

of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, your Son.

 Aided by the intercession of the Virgin Mary

and formed in fraternity,

may they share in the Church’s mission of salvation,

joyfully bringing your truth and love to many.

Through Christ, our Lord. Amen

Source The Dominicans Oxford: