Late_Shows3NewCONNECTIONS is St Dominic’s Priory’s 4th Late Shows event: an evening exploring connections between community, space and spirituality. Here’s the line-up:

ALL EVENING: community-created installation by Carl von Weiler and St Dominic’s Parish

7 pm    Opening: St. Catherine’s School Dance (choreographed by Eliot Smith)


7.20     DJ – choose your spiritual music track with our house DJ, Richard Phipps

7.40     African Dance

8 pm    Portuguese Presentation  and Children’s Dance

8.20     Presentation of Community Art project by Carl von Weiler

8.30     History: St. Dominic’s and the Local Community in World War II (in the Community Room; DJ in church)

8.50     Filipino Dance

9.10     DJ

9.30     Latin Choir

9.50     DJ till end

There will be children’s crafts in the Community Room except 8.30-8.50. Finger buffet in the garden during from our ethnic community presentations.

And everything is free!