CONNECTIONS, our fourth Late Shows at St Dominic’s, was a tremendous success, with a rich variety of music, dance, food and welcome. Here are St Catherine’s School dancing Eliot Smith’s “Alone no more”.


More photos here.


CONNECTIONS is St Dominic’s Priory’s 4th Late Shows event: an evening exploring connections between community, space and spirituality. Here’s the line-up:

ALL EVENING: community-created installation by Carl von Weiler and St Dominic’s Parish

7 pm    Opening: St. Catherine’s School Dance (choreographed by Eliot Smith)


7.20     DJ – choose your spiritual music track with our house DJ, Richard Phipps

7.40     African Dance

8 pm    Portuguese Presentation  and Children’s Dance

8.20     Presentation of Community Art project by Carl von Weiler

8.30     History: St. Dominic’s and the Local Community in World War II (in the Community Room; DJ in church)

8.50     Filipino Dance

9.10     DJ

9.30     Latin Choir

9.50     DJ till end

There will be children’s crafts in the Community Room except 8.30-8.50. Finger buffet in the garden during from our ethnic community presentations.

And everything is free!